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About Us

Fifteen years ago, KIS Branded Specialties grew out of the realization that finding the right promotional product to fit a company event, trade show, or conference is just as much art as science. Many companies, attempting to navigate the labyrinth of promotional products options, spend much more time and money than they should buying products that don't fit their needs, budgets or quality requirements. Businesses need any ally in helping them create experiences for their clients and employees that drive leads, enhance their brand, and improve retention.

Our Team

Sasha Pinto

With an extensive background in marketing, having spent time working closely with clients to understand their needs as well as their pain points, Sasha Pinto started KIS to help businesses keep it simple. Seeing that promotional products can be a complicated and sometimes frustrating maze, Sasha built a company that prides itself on connecting businesses to promotional product solutions at the right price, right quality, and right time, and, above all, making sure the team makes it easy for the client.

Ray Toppen

Ray Toppen brings his 20 years of experience in the promotional products industry to help KIS create client experiences that deliver the right product on time and on budget. With experience working with a wide range of clients, from airlines to manufacturing, and packaging to automotive, Ray is known for creating unique promotional product solutions for clients, guaranteed to drive results.

Northern Indiana

Midwest Based. Nationwide Reach.

Based in Northern Indiana, Sasha and Ray lead a nationwide team of seasoned, tested promotional products experts, using their extensive experience to know just the right team members to help them make each client's experience exceptional.

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